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Next Pope Revealed Before the Conclave Even Votes

According to this well-put-together video . The next pope has been groomed by Pope Benedict XVI for some years now. I thought that the election for the new pope was supposed to a prayerful consideration with absolutely NO bias whatsoever..

Hear me out, I’m not a Catholic, nor do I agree that the Pope is infallible, but does anyone expect the Great Catholic Church (the Most prestigious and Elite System ever put together leaves something as powerful as the Supreme Pontiff to a vote??

Me thinks not:

Watch this Video and see why the next pope, maybe the Last Pope, has already been chosen for such a time as this:


Yes his name is Angelo Scola and he has been groomed for some time now.

The author of this video went into more detail on his blog:


Keith Johnson is host of The Time Will Tell TV Series Premiering March 3, 2013