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Madonna Pagan Goddess Worship Ceremony at Superbowl 2012

Madonna Pagan Goddess RitualThe Paganism is just getting started. First it was Lady Gaga, a Madonna wannabe from New Jersey, who decided to come to the Grammies inside an egg depicting the goddess Ishtar, or Easter Read more on that Here.

Now Madonna, the original attention-starved sex-selling super popstar takes it up a notch and with her Greek army entrance, flapping her wings into the Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium for the Super Bowl Halftime show as none other than Isis, Egyptian goddess of magic and nature.   Watch full video (after you read my article) here.

Throughout the show, their are multiple references to the pagan goddess through symbols of the eye and the sun. At the end of the number the field shows the words ” World Peace” as if Madonna is lifting up a pagan rain dance petition for world peace.  I know what you are thinking… ” Oh its just theatrics”  Well it doesn’t stop there. Soon after the her wardrobe changes, she is accompanied by Cee Lo in Sparkly Black robes, very foreboding and interestingly satanic looking. Compare:

Satanic RobeMadonna Pagan Satanic Robe

It may seem preposterous that Greek/Egyptian/Roman mythology and paganism can make a comeback but I believe that behind all these “gods” are demons that are intent on catching people’s attention. The Evil one seeks to get our minds off of what is True and noble and on to the Material world (pun intended).  There was a video put out that goes into more detail about the paganism behind the routine by Madonna during the Superbowl 2012 halftime show. Check it out below.

Madonna Summons Isis Pagan Goddess

Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

Easter Bunnies! Easter Eggs with Lady Gaga’s face on it!

Is Easter Pagan Holiday


Jelly Beans! Fake Green Grass!  CHOCOLATE GALORE!

Peeps! Easter Baskets! Hop the Easter bunny Movie!

What do all these things remind us of??

Of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ’s) Death and Resurrection of course!!

Wait…..jelly beans? really? Something is off here…

Do you ever wonder where these Easter traditions come from? Ever wonder if these are Biblical or if they could possibly be a bit pagan? PAGAN! NO! Pagan’s are those people who are brewing a cauldron and worshipping trees right?  Well yes.. but maybe pagans started traditions long long ago that as some things keep a hint around for centuries and centuries to come.  Think about the reason we say not to wear white after labor day.. we don’t know wear that idea came from but we know about it and some really adhere to it..

Well the reason for this article is to ask: Is Easter a Pagan Holiday ?

Well to answer I’ll let you watch this video by a Historian and Hebrew Roots Teacher, Michael Rood:

This is Part 1 of 2, so if you’d like to watch the 2nd part go here: http://michaelrood.tv/teachings/truth-and-tradition