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Mel Gibson’s New Passion: Judah Maccabee

Mel Gibson, friend of Jews? You might say no if you’ve ever heard or read anything from a tabloid or news outlet.  But wasn’t it Mel who was behind one of the greatest films about The Greatest Jew who ever Lived (and still lives!) . I’m talking about the Passion of the Christ, the film that brought to light the most realistic picture of 1st century Israel and what life was like in a world that most of us can only imagine while we read through the Gospels.

Maccabee and HanukkahCall it redemption or call it love, but Mel Gibson is continuing his venture to bring warmth and meaning to the Jewish culture through his next film project about Judah Maccabee, the Jewish hero who is the source of Hanukkah.  (the film remains unnamed as of yet). As a believer in Yeshua (Jesus)  I am so glad that Gibson is bringing to the silver screens something that is worthy of watching. In the midst of all the dumbing down of America through titles like “American Pie” and “40 Year Old Virgin” thank God, that there are directors out there who care about this country enough to show how we got here. Like it or not, America was founded on Hebrew roots, the constitution was based upon Biblical concepts and laws, and thank God for that fact or we could be drowning in the spiritual level of Amsterdam or France (nonexistent).

Although you may disagree that Mel Gibson should direct this movie, Judah Maccabee is a hero and most people have never heard of him nor have any interest, but many people also don’t know about the majority of the Old Testament, (the source of the story of Judah Maccabee comes from the books of Maccabees which is held as canonical by the catholic church but not the protestant church)

Question for you: Do you think Mel Gibson is a rascal trying to make amends to the Jewish people or a genuine good-hearted soul seeking to bring truth to the masses.

Story Source Deadline.com