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The Truth Behind the Red Sea Crossing – Video

Check this trailer out for a DVD by Michael Rood:

If you haven’t seen any of the chariot wreckage at the bottom of the “yom suph” as shown in this video you really should, its very interesting and if its ever truly proven without a doubt that these are indeed the Egyptians Chariots than that would be one heck of a blow to all the doubters out there!

The Bible isn’t some fairy tale, its real people!!! God is right here and He loves you so much!

Follow him for a fulfilled life! He created you, one would think life would work best if you paid attention to Him!

Is God Dead?

Is God Dead?

Is God Dead?

In April 1966, this was the Cover of Time Magazine.

Looking back to the 60’s today, we think–well the US was still a God fearing nation right? Well NO! they weren’t – more religious? possibly.  By this time, Europe was already declaring God was dead, through the mass exodus out of the Church, and into their own atheistic “I am God” values.

What should we do today? As Followers in Yeshua our Messiah, we need to search our hearts, and search His Word! YHWH reveals all he wants us to know from His word.  We should spread His word through loving our neighbor the way He teaches us to, and to keep His laws which were designed to help us live life the way it should be lived.  Do you think life lived with “God is Dead” in our hearts is a good way to live? Do you think people who believe that have true joy?  They might be happy/content for a temporary time.. but will they be truly Joyous?  Also what hope do they have?  The hope that one day I will die and be buried and end my turmoil on earth? How can anyone live with that in mind.

As Believers in the True WAY, we have so much hope, not even death can triumph over us,  if something bad happens here on earth well, thats ok, it might even hurt us emotionally or physically, but we still know our loving Abba in heaven loves us and will not fail us EVER.  Shabbat Shalom!