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Coming Four Blood Moons: A biblical response

4-blood-moonsThis Tuesday, the first blood moon eclipse falls on the biblical feast of passover (date according to the rabbinic calendar)

In these days when it seems preachers and teachers all around the world are confident in spouting out conlusions and predictions with every “sign” from heaven they see, it seems that there is always necessary a response that takes what scripture says and lays it out so its crystal clear.

I believe Keith Johnson, a bible teacher has done a great job of putting the subject of the blood moons into the spotlight of the Bible.

Take a look at his teaching called : Blood Moon Mania Eclipsed.

For relevant comments and for your own questions, visit his academy webpage where you can see other comments


The four blood moons are definitely something to consider when looking at biblical prophesy, but its always more important to look at the fullness of scripture and to NOT consider one person’s viewpoint only.