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A Friend’s Venture into “Beyond Organic”

Recently I was contacted by a friend Paul Martinez about a new company “Beyond Organic” which was started by a guy name Jordan Rubin who has sold natural type of products in the past. Jordan Rubin also wrote a book called “Makers Diet” which is a New York Times bestseller.
The company –Beyond Organic , will be selling organic food, but it is using direct sales instead of traditional stores to market the products. So they will sell stuff like organic chocolate, cheese and organic beef meat but it will be shipped to people’s doors instead of inventoried at stores etc.

Anyways if you are interested or know someone who might be interested in buying or selling these products hit up my friends blog for more info: Try Beyond Organic – Blog

A lot of people who want to stay healthy, eat organic, stay away from junk foods that are prominent now a days are gravitating to this company, check it out. Did I mention the owner, Jordan Rubin is actually a Believer in Yeshua  and not the greedy corporate type, thats always a plus 😉