Madonna Pagan Goddess Worship Ceremony at Superbowl 2012

Madonna Pagan Goddess RitualThe Paganism is just getting started. First it was Lady Gaga, a Madonna wannabe from New Jersey, who decided to come to the Grammies inside an egg depicting the goddess Ishtar, or Easter Read more on that Here.

Now Madonna, the original attention-starved sex-selling super popstar takes it up a notch and with her Greek army entrance, flapping her wings into the Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium for the Super Bowl Halftime show as none other than Isis, Egyptian goddess of magic and nature.   Watch full video (after you read my article) here.

Throughout the show, their are multiple references to the pagan goddess through symbols of the eye and the sun. At the end of the number the field shows the words ” World Peace” as if Madonna is lifting up a pagan rain dance petition for world peace.  I know what you are thinking… ” Oh its just theatrics”  Well it doesn’t stop there. Soon after the her wardrobe changes, she is accompanied by Cee Lo in Sparkly Black robes, very foreboding and interestingly satanic looking. Compare:

Satanic RobeMadonna Pagan Satanic Robe

It may seem preposterous that Greek/Egyptian/Roman mythology and paganism can make a comeback but I believe that behind all these “gods” are demons that are intent on catching people’s attention. The Evil one seeks to get our minds off of what is True and noble and on to the Material world (pun intended).  There was a video put out that goes into more detail about the paganism behind the routine by Madonna during the Superbowl 2012 halftime show. Check it out below.

Madonna Summons Isis Pagan Goddess

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7 responses to “Madonna Pagan Goddess Worship Ceremony at Superbowl 2012

  • Doug Franco

    And the other girl that was on, MIA or something like that decides to further this pagan ritual by portraying the “bird” the international pagan symbol of the erected finger statue of Zeus.

  • Pattysack

    I guess if pagan gods are really demons than the whole thing was a satanic ritual- oh and by the way Madonna is a little old of pompoms isn’t she?

  • Johnny Patterson

    Madonna is into Kabbalah and that makes sense!

  • RJRansomed

    I believe she was actually “helped” by the synchronization of the fallen ones. There is a real good reason why they did not play much of the soundtrack in this video. Madonna and crew employed all of the universal mind control techniques in the music itself.
    As it says in 2Peter 2:19 -Although these false teachers promise such peoplefreedom, they themselves are enslaved to corruption and immorality. For whatever a person succumbs to, to that he is enslaved. The performance was like watching the whore of babylon personified. Don’t get me wrong…she looked gorgeous and she performed precisely but it is obvious to me she made a deal with the devil…he uses Hollywood and owns the music industry. No surprise there. The devil is frantic because his time is running out. Goel Haddam, our Avenger, is on His way!

  • Alessandra Parrini

    Faithfulness…hasn’t she changed looks far too many times? If this is serious .- I am concerned about how many teen girls don’t just copy the steps but also bite into this self worshipping mother nature global display – it runs againts the 14th amendment. Should not be brought onto the public stage. Btw i usually find her musical tunes pleasant to the ear.


    You should be a master of all and not one school of sprituality. Since you know only the story of ONE GOD who instills fear for others whom don’t conform to its/his/their agenda you are fearfull of demons, satanics and all the other words you have created. Read outside of your books written by men who wish to hold and bond you and open your mind and you will see just what is evil and NOT evil. Read books of men and women who wish to free you from your bondage and compare.

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