Jerusalem Day! Over 40,000 Strong March in Jerusalem

Its Jerusalem Day today Wednesday June 1, 2011.

In Jersualem earlier over 40,000 people marched through the streets of Jerusalem.  With flags held high, the crowd demonstrates their patriotism honoring the 44th aniniversery of the Six Day War.  Of course in light of it all there are still those people who hate Jerusalem as asoveriegn state and hate the people who rightfully live there. 24 people were arrested for disturbing the peace.

Three people ere wounded from rocks thrown near the Damascus Gate.  That isn’t bad compared to Nakba Day a few weeks ago where Palastinians used social media to organize riots all over the borders of Israel.

What we as Believers need to remember is that Israel needs prayer today more than ever.  With those countries around Israel growing more and more active, there is no telling the kinds of governments that are going to step in during these times of unrest.   Israel is obviously a huge ally to the United States and Israel is God’s Most Holy Land.

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