Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

Easter Bunnies! Easter Eggs with Lady Gaga’s face on it!

Is Easter Pagan Holiday


Jelly Beans! Fake Green Grass!  CHOCOLATE GALORE!

Peeps! Easter Baskets! Hop the Easter bunny Movie!

What do all these things remind us of??

Of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ’s) Death and Resurrection of course!!

Wait…..jelly beans? really? Something is off here…

Do you ever wonder where these Easter traditions come from? Ever wonder if these are Biblical or if they could possibly be a bit pagan? PAGAN! NO! Pagan’s are those people who are brewing a cauldron and worshipping trees right?  Well yes.. but maybe pagans started traditions long long ago that as some things keep a hint around for centuries and centuries to come.  Think about the reason we say not to wear white after labor day.. we don’t know wear that idea came from but we know about it and some really adhere to it..

Well the reason for this article is to ask: Is Easter a Pagan Holiday ?

Well to answer I’ll let you watch this video by a Historian and Hebrew Roots Teacher, Michael Rood:

This is Part 1 of 2, so if you’d like to watch the 2nd part go here:

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12 responses to “Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

  • JD


    my dear brother, I must warn you of the false teacher that you reference so heavily on your weblog. I have met Michael Rood in person years ago and even bought and read his books. He is a liar of the worst kind and subscribes to a group called the Way International.

    He is a Judaizer. Born a Gentile and turned to Messianic Judaism. He is not a Christian in any sense of the word. He still lives by the Mosaic law as though the sacrificial system was still in place.

    Run from his teachings and don’t look back.

    • marcolepolo

      I’m sorry but you are witnessing falsely about someone. Rood admits to being part of the Way Intl in the past but has since changed, check out his video Michael Rood exposed. He is definitely not trying to go back to the sacrificial system. Yeshua Messiah is God’s Son the King! Spread the love of Yeshua to all who will hear! Bless you Jason!

      • JD

        Bro. Yes, Yahshua is HaMeshiach! The LORD our God, the LORD is one! However, I talked at length with Mr. Rood in Waco, TX, at the Texas Rangers’ Hall in 2002. I have read his works: The Mystery of Iniquity: The Legal Prerequisites to the Return of the Messiah and the Gospel of the Nicolaitans. His book on the Mystery of Iniquity is filled with false teaching, false prophecy, and errancies galore. His interpretation of end time events are not even remotely close to accurate interpretation of Revelation, which states that the curses of this book will be upon him who adds to or takes away from it.

        Jesus can come at any time, there are no more prophecies that have to be fulfilled before Yahshua comes for his bride. The prophecies yet to be fulfilled will culminate in the Great Tribulation.

        Rood has falsely prophesied the beginning of Jacob’s troubles when Ariel Sharon stood on the Temple Mount and declared it to be so when it was not. Rood’s biblical calendar is way off in its reckoning of time. He is probably closer than a lot in his view, but he is off nonetheless.

        Rood is all about returning to the Old Testament and entrapping people in its curses. There is a righteousness that comes from the Law, but that righteousness is self-righteousness, which can never earn a person’s way to heaven. Only through the blood of Yahshua can we enter into heaven. It bothers me when Gentiles espouse the ways of the Messianic Jewish community and enslave people to the legalism of the Law. Rood subscribes to this philosophy. Again, we spoke at length in Waco in 2002. I got caught up in his cleverly schemed workings until I spent time reading and researching his view points. Michael Rood is a false teacher of the worst kind. He comes in sheep’s clothing preaching a doctrine that appears Godly but denies the power thereof.

        Again, I admonish you to abandon your pursuit of all things having part of and in Michael Rood. Here is one for you to test the waters of which I speak. Ask Mr. Rood to verify his Marine Corps service, which he states occurred during the Viet Nam era. As a US Army veteran of nearly 20 years, I searched the Dept of Defense records for a Michael Rood serving in the USMC in the 1960-1970s. There is none. Ask him to verify his background in anything. He is elusive and shady in anyone asking about his past. Sure, he’ll speak of the Way International, but he still subscribes to their cultist philosophies. Read their stuff and compare it to what you’ve heard Rood say. Go ahead. Try it. Test me. I’ve heard it all and done it all in regards to this false prophet/teacher.

        If you continue in his teaching, he will lead you down the path of Sheol and make you twice the Pharisaic proselyte he is. Yahshua died to free you from the curse of the law of sin and death. Michael Rood wants to keep you ensnared to it. Remember what James taught us. He who continues in the law and fails to keep even one part is guilty of breaking the whole law. That is why Jesus shed His blood to give us a better, new covenant because we are physically unable to keep all of the Law. Why? Because sin exists in the heart of man. We were guilty of breaking the law the day we were born. Only Jesus, who was born without sin, was able to keep the Law in its entirety and redeem us from its curse of death.

        Do some research for yourself. Do it with an open mind. I actually got to the point of defending Rood at one point in time also until my eyes were opened by the Spirit to his false teachings, which are doctrines of demons. As a minister of the gospel, I speak with the authority and backing of the Spirit of God who took me to task over this man. Beware brother!

  • JD

    I am not saying that Messianic Jews are legalistic and living under the law. Let me be clear on that. I should have separated those two comments. Rood is not a Messianic Jew that he claims to be. He is a Goyim!!!!! There are thousands of God-fearing, Yahshua-loving Jews, who are Christians. There is one family with the wall of separation torn down between them. Yes, Goyim are grafted into the vine of Israel, but they are not Messianic Jews. Pretending to be such, Rood uses that avenue of approach to make inroads into the Jewish community to snare people in his false teachings.

    Oh, by the way, ask Michael Rood what his real name is? Rood is not his original surname. He changed it long ago. Did you know that the English word rood is a derivation for the word cross. Look it up. Another gimmick used by Rood to be “Christian.” A ravenous, gnashing wolf’s teeth are in that sheepish, Jewish garb of his. Beware, lest you become like him!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Kief

    Yes, Rood left The Way International, but the real question is Did he leave the theology of The Way? Has he abandoned his anti-Deity of Christ (Messiah), and the Trinity (Tri-Unity is pagan teachings? No he has not! There are so many “RED FLAGS” concerning Rood, one wonders where to start. His statement of Faith (He used to have one) does not proclaim the Deity of Messiah, nor the Trinity. RED FLAG” His long time former associate Glenn Williams does deny the Deity of Messiah. “RED FLAG” I and others have written to Rood, asking if he believes and teaches these two teachings of the Historic Christian Faith. Never a reply. “RED FLAG” Another “RED FLAG” is roods statement on his home page which states “Prepare for a Rood Awakening from Israel has been heralded as the most energetic exposition of Scriptural truth to come out of Israel in over a “MILLENNIUM” REALLY????? Just because Rood left The Way, really does not mean a thing. I know of dozens and dozens of individuals who have left the Way, but still deny/attack the Historic Christian faith. Example: Many of these groups have also duped Believers. Many individuals have left the old Herbert W. Armstrong cult, and now have their own ministries, but they still deny the Trinity and other Biblical teachings. I would encourage those who are considering of following Rood’s teachings, and sending him money, to read some of Dr John Juede’s excellent reviews of some of Rood’s unorthodox teachings at Under Roods picture click on his name. Dr Juede’s is a scholar on The Way International, and it’s off-shoots. His review of Roods Found A Book, But Lost The Gospel, will give some insights into Rods twisted teachings. There are some other insightful reviews as well. I close with Dr Juede’s timely warning concerning Michael Rood, from his article “Michael Rood, Doomsday Prophet”
    “Michael John Rood is clearly not a reputable Christian minister and Messianic rabbi as he claims to be. Nor is he a reliable source for accurate Bible teaching. His speculative predicitions about end time events, archeology, and other topics have led, and will continue to lead, to more disturbance in the minds of those who accept his theories. His adherence to teachings and practice learned in a cult, and his legalism draw people away from the grace of Jesus Christ which the New Testament teaches. People would be wise to neither accept Rood’s teachings, nor support his ministry”

    PS: May I encourage you to read the following excellent paper, if you are not sure of a minister or ministry.

  • James Kief

    Sorry, I was typing fast. The above link to Dr John Juede’s site is:

  • Clayton fry

    Jd I don’t know about this rood false teaching my uncle just brought it up and I am worried. I tried to see what some real teachers say about him like piper, sprout, mcarthor, Carson, Calvin,Luther , and can’t find anything. I just here you shouldn’t call Jesus by his English name and all the translations of the bible are wrong, can you point in the right direction.

  • Sean OBrien

    I think all of you are missing the point. As a classically trained engineer and one who works everyday deep in the cutting edge design stages of technology that is 5 to 10 years ahead of what most people realize are available I can tell you from my perspective of why anyone who is ordained in anything has little credibility with me. Through your ordination process you are trained within the constructs of a dogma heavily influenced by semantic writings of others rather than the root corpus of data. You are taught case studies much like attorneys and therefore you find yourself attacking anything that is not in alignment with your hypothesis presented by your dogmatic instruction. Then much like the scientific community of the dark ages your throw out words like false prophets and then, in a sycophantic tone to please the masses – you self proclaim yourself in the know by the power of the holy spirit.

    I think most pastors are well intentioned but whether you are Michael Rood or Joel Osteen – your message should be one of coaching in going back to the original corpus of data. The scriptures.

    When I read the scriptures its pretty simple…. God trains us in a very demonstrable method to showcase cause and effect. Much like a classic design of experiments he shows us past data points to help us infer the future. Everything in the Torah and in the Gospels are aligned perfectly with beyond comprehension to those of you focused on pursuing a dogmatic religious agenda.

    Today you have become the Sadducee and Pharisee – so intent on controlling the masses (even though well intentioned) you fail to recognize the basic data points left in the history of the faith.

    Even the most simple: Sunday versus Saturday for the faith. Until Rome the followers of Yeshua known as the Talmidim Netzarim observed Saturday as the day of YHWH. My Catholic upbringing could never explain why – the answers from Catholic writings were that was how the True Religion and Church established its authority – and Martin Luther and your teachers all followed these traditions of the Constantine influence and then when someone questions that – like your forefathers in the Catholic faith you blindly label people as modern day heretics.

    It is a shame. While I am glad you believe in YHWH and recognize the fact that Yeshua is our messiah – I am saddened that you all spend most of your time labeling others with weak arguments that would never pass muster in the community I come from.

    I would recommend you all spend more time spending your energy in pushing the main message of our Messiah and that is Love YHWH with all your heart and mind and love your neighbor. This simple message of doing unto others as you would want on you is primary school simple.

    The discussions above resonate to most of us out here here love YHWH and distrust pastors as and ordained ministers because it edifies your desire for control and not the mission we all have in bringing the message to the masses.

    Disagree yes – make cogent arguments why you disagree but calling yourself annointed with anything creates more doubt in all of us whether blessed with a higher education and opportunity or the gifted manual laborer.

    My advice to all of you because you are repeating history and sounding so much like our Jewish brothers of 2000 years ago and I worry you won’t recognize Yeshua when he returns.


  • Elisa Jamison

    Actually there is a different word for tabernacle than the word for manger.
    And why is it, since the New Testament was written in Greek and the Old Testament had already been translated to Greek, that people feel they need to use the Hebrew name for Jesus. Why not just translate it?

  • Bswinky

    I am no expert here however; i do believe every minister, pastor or rabbi all would have something negative to say about each-other whether it not the are false prophets etc. Read the “word” people, if you listen to a certain pastor or minister or rabbi and you understand what they are teaching (while following along in scriptures) then whats the problem? If your so worried if the are false prophets pray to Yeshua for guidance. I think the problem is too many people think we are covered under grace. The laws of the Almighty haven’t changed! READ THE WORD!

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