The Invasion of Mormon Advertising!

Is anyone else getting agitated at seeing Mormon ads everywhere you look on the world wide web.  Any website, youtube channel, youtube search, or blog that has any google advertising and the word “God” “Yeshua” “lord” or anything else similar will get one bombarded with one of these:

These ads show how normal a Mormon can be, how they are just like you or me :), wow how sweet… Unfortunately they have a false gospel that teaches them, Yeshua is not our focus and is just a side item.  They try to convince others with marketing and wording…even their name “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” makes it sound like they are believers in the true Messiah, what they don’t tell you is that they believe “Jesus” is the  spirit brother of Lucifer! They also add all these books which have no source manuscripts and have no archeological evidence. Well there are so many holes in Mormonism I’m not even going to bore you with them here, here are some sources for that:

I’m not going to help their cause by adding a link to the videos or website, but I will say that Google needs to work withpeople and make sure these ads do not show up on true Biblical God Fearing websites or blogs.  This is a direct conflict of interest! What Believer wants Mormon propaganda setting right beside some encouraging words out of the true Word of God?

Also here’s a suggestion: If you have a Church that has money for missions, why not put some towards youtube/google ads with good messages.  Why let the Mormons take that market for themselves.  We need to be in this world but not of this world, Use technology for a YHWH’s purposes! Shalom

Question: Have you seen any of these ads? Do you think Google should do something about them? Please Leave a Comment Below.

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I Love Yeshua - the true Jewish Messiah. The one who gives me Hope for the future, peace for today, Joy forever. He is faithful. View all posts by marcolepolo

2 responses to “The Invasion of Mormon Advertising!

  • Gabriel Montoya

    Yeah I’ve seen those mormon ads on my own youtube page! The blessing and curse of google ads

  • Craig ward

    so in other words you dont appreciate having to watch their advertisements but you encourage people of similar beliefs to bombard the web with your “true” message. a bit hypocritical don’t you think?

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