Lady Gaga Inside an Easter Egg!!

I got on youtube yesterday and on the front page was a weird looking video thumbnail and a description: Lady Gaga on the Red Carpet .   Well the thumbnail depicts a huge egg so I ventured (really ventured) by clicking on it. Up comes the most ridiculous act of attention-starved narcissism that I’ve seen in at least a week.  Lady Gaga decided that it would  be  a “cool” idea to triumphantly enter the Grammy’s in…. A translucent Egg!  As if that wasn’t enough, the people holding her above everybody’s head were wearing barely any clothes at all, what the did wear was flesh colored.  Most people would say the Gaga wants attention, and is willing to do or wear (or not wear) whatever it takes, well would you also venture to say that she is trying to symbolize something?


Lady gag in an easter egg

Lady Gaga = Goddess of Spring, Easter ?

My theory is that she is trying to represent the Germanic Goddess of Spring Easter!  (Previously spelled Eastre, Eostre, Ostara)  The very bunny hugging goddess that paganized the current holiday of Easter.

Brief Explanation: “There are many customs and traditions associated with Easter which, like most other holiday and feast days, are derived from a combination of both Jewish lore and pre-Christian and pagan practices. It is named after Eostre, the goddess of fertility and birth, worshipped by first-century pagans at the vernal equinox, who believed she would bless both their families and their crops. Christian missionaries saw this celebration took place around the time of the resurrection of Christ, so they adopted Easter as a Christian holiday to increase conversion.” src:

Lady Gaga will stop at nothing till the whole world is staring her down! I believe she will get “goddesses” false gods, demons, anything that will help her gain popularity, until the whole world looks at her. But what will it profit if she gains the whole world and forfeits her soul?  (matt 16:26)  To miss Gaga: Yeshua our Savior loves you more than this world, and he wants you to love Him back.  The love of our Abba is better than wine, better than anything this earth can offer.  Read His word and find out for yourself!

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3 responses to “Lady Gaga Inside an Easter Egg!!

  • Some guy

    Perhaps you should start going into her lyrics dear, perhaps you may find something interesting… 2011 Grammys, she played Bach’s Fugue. Any symbolism? You decide and come to your own conclusion why she used a famous motif from a fugue.

    Also, why “born on stage”? Why did she wear something “non-human”? All of her fashion has been related to her piece in some way, does she want to be another creature. Does GAGA want to kill Stafanie?

    You infer and believe what you want. “CAPITAL H-I-M” Who is her god?

  • Bethenia

    Thanks for your post on her. Let’s all just pray for her and love without condemnation, as Jesus said He came not to condemn but that the world would be saved. This is something we must all strive to do, myself included.

  • Educated

    Actually, Ostara did not Paganize Easter. If you read up on your history, you would know that paganism was around long before Christianity. There is nothing evil or “devilish” about Ostara or any of the other Pagan Sabbats. The devil is a projection of the human psyche. A justification for the bad that happens in the world.

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