Yahshua Messiah!

Here’s a short little video I found that talks about the differences is between saying Jesus Christ or Yahshua Messiah (or Yeshua Messiah).  Judge for yourself which makes more sense.  All in all, the focus is to Love Yahweh with all our heart soul and mind!  For He is our SALVATION!! Thanks Abba!

About marcolepolo

I Love Yeshua - the true Jewish Messiah. The one who gives me Hope for the future, peace for today, Joy forever. He is faithful. View all posts by marcolepolo

One response to “Yahshua Messiah!

  • Bethenia

    Wow, I was going to ask you about the difference when I saw your page but you have already posted the answer! Thanks for sharing this. It is very insightful, while still being clear and concise.

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