Can your Average-Joe American learn Hebrew?

I’ve decided I would like to learn some Hebrew.  I have some Hebrew speaking friends, and I would really love to be able to understand some of the words spoken and written in the Torah and throughout the Old Testament. Here are a few:

Starting with Aleph

starting with aleph

This interactive website “Starting with Aleph” makes it really easy to learn the hebrew alphabet and how to pronounce the letters.  For anyone who wants to start learning-this is a great start. It doesn’t go deep into the language (for free) but really is a great tool to dive right in and start learning Hebrew. I’ve used it and I would say its helped me learn letters much much easier than just reading about them on a different site.

Hebrew 4 Christians


“Here you’ll find basic information about the Hebrew alphabet, vowels, and Biblical Hebrew grammar so that you can better understand the Scriptures from a Hebraic point of view.”  This website actually does have some pretty neat tools and downloads that can help you learn the letters with flashcards, and practice pages you can print click the link Hebrew Alphabet for the alphabet section.

This website really is meant to work for paying subscribers but does have some free lessons to get your feet wet. Here is a link to a free lesson ready to start: Hebrew Beginners: lesson 1

I’ll be trying out more and giving a review in time!  Hope this helps, SHALOM!!!

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